My name is Akash and I love using great technology to build products and services that create massive social impact.

I'm big on simplicity, elegant user experiences, machine learning, behavioural economics, and the future. I strongly believe that software is eating the world and that connecting the next ~1 billion to the internet will enable incredible opportunities for humankind. I am very interested in scaling education, sustainable energy and improving access to justice.

I co-founded ROSS Intelligence, a legal technology startup, that is using the latest natural language processing and machine learning techniques to allow lawyers to do research 10x faster, providing clients more friendly fees. We went through Y Combinator in the summer of 2015 and are working with the largest global law firms. Our mission is to make great legal services accessible and affordable to everyone.

I'm currently an Engagement and Network Product Manager at Gigster, a Y Combinator and a16z funded tech startup, writing the world's software with the best designers and developers around the world.