I love products, technology and behaviour. I want to devote my career to doing interesting things at intersection of all three. You can find my bio here

For as long as I can remember, I've been fascinated by intelligence. I studied Neuroscience at McGill University and was intrigued by the computational basis for intelligence. This sparked my interest in A.I. and machine learning.

I was also drawn to designing beautiful products and user experiences. I was introduced to the frenetic world of startups via an internship at Rocketr (later acquired by Shopify). I learnt about lean startup methods, customer development interviews, validating MVPs, funnel analysis, email marketing, AARRR metrics and the like. I knew this was the type of work I wanted to pursue...to build great products and services through creativity, hustle, craftsmanship and vision.

I decided to do a Masters in Information Systems & Design at the University of Toronto to develop my technical skills and acquaint myself with the best practices of user research and design. I enrolled in a variety of interesting classes, including one on creative mobile applications; my team built an Android application, Critter, that turned smartphones into pets that spontaneously interacted with each other based on mood and personality. 

The highlight of the program was building an A.I. legal research assistant, ROSS, during an IBM Watson Capstone Project. Our prototype won second place at the IBM Watson Cognitive Computing Competition in 2015. Based on the validation we received, we spun our project into a startup, ROSS Intelligence

Since then, we went through Y Combinator (S 15), raised a seed round and installed pilots with several global law firms, where ROSS is learning the law every day. We've been featured in major publications like The Economist and Wired magazine and are transforming the legal industry.

I'm also a film and music buff and love reading. I'm a fan of insanely great things and good taste. On that note, here's one of my all time favourite essays.